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Biomarine Limited markets oysters under a number of Brands. Biomarine is the umbrella brand under which the company has been operating since 1974.

Biomarine has also been marketing oysters branded Blue Pearl for several years. These oysters are high quality and consistency and packaged for both retail and food service markets.

For around 20 years Biomarine has been part of a Joint-Venture with other New Zealand oyster growers to export oysters under the brand Jemco. The partners of this joint venture have collaborated on market development to bring high quality New Zealand oysters to the world.

In 2010 the company began operating a new farm, New Zealand's largest, on the Kaipara Harbour. This farm has been built with sustainability in mind in a remote location on the North Island west coast. Oysters from this farm are marketed as Kaipara Oysters.

Biomarine Oysters