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Opening Oysters Kaipara NZ
Kaipara Oyster Farm New Zealand
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The Company

BioMarine was created in the 1970’s by two visionary graduate students with an eye to the future. From humble beginnings the company has flourished and is now a thriving export led business. BioMarine produces around 6 million oysters annually of which over 90 percent are exported.
Biomarine has 40ha. of leases in the Mahurangi providing 350.000dz of pacific oysters.
In 2007 Biomarine was granted consent for a new growing area of 75ha in the mouth of the Kaipara Harbour.
This area is well removed from land being 4km South of the Tapora Peninsula and 6km from South Kaipara Head.
Finally Biomarine has access to farm leases in the Waikare Inlet and Orongo Bay in the Bay of Islands.
Biomarine has a modern processing plant near Warkworth, enabling easy access from each growing area, and to major transport routes.
In a competitive global market our advantage is New Zealand’s clean green status and our pristine growing waters. These are important considerations for the world’s most discerning markets such as Japan, Europe and the United States.

Biomarine Oysters