Biomarine is committed to being part of its farming environment. We actively work to maintain the environment in its natural healthy state, a guardianship known as “Katiaki” to New Zealanders.

This requires us to work with the ecosystem we are in without undue modification using the natural “wild” stocks of shellfish and keeping them in as close as possible to their natural “wild” lifestyles.

As a consequence of this commitment our oysters are derived from wild, natural spat-falls. They arise from millions of parents and everyone is slightly different. This is an important part of nature’s strength and beauty.

We work to select the best oysters from all this diversity for our customers, but we also like to keep enough variety so that the natural origin is apparent. We feel this is part of the charm of a natural product and the variability adds to the interest, making the oysters enjoyable and rewarding time after time.

A degree of variability is also evidence of a natural growing process and all the important environmental considerations that encompasses.

Biomarine Oysters